2023-2024 Block-Gift Projects

Optics, Lasers and Photonics

University of Arizona, Professor Mahmoud Fallahi, High-Order Laguerre-Gaussian Beam Mode Locked VECSELs for Secure Free Space and Fiber Communications

University of Buffalo, Professor Jonathan Bird, Plasmonic Transistors for Terahertz-Band Communication

University of Delaware, Professor Matthew Doty and Professor Stephanie Law, Wafer-scale Growth of Site-Determined Wavelength-Turntable Quantum Emitters in Atomically-Thin (2D) Semiconductors

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, Professor John Dallesasse, Polarization Control in VCSELs for Compact LiDAR and AR/VR Applications

University of Rochester, Professor Jannick Rolland and Professor Nick Vamivakas, Establishing and Verifying the Fundamental Optical and Material Capabilities and Limitations of Metasurfaces and Metaforms (metasurfaces conformed to a curved freeform substrate)

University of Texas Austin, Professor Linran Fan, Scalable Integration of Diamond Color Centers with Aluminum Nitride Photonics for Quantum Information Science

Additive Manufacturing

Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor Christopher Saldaña, Controlling Stress and Defects in Optical Surfaces by Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

University of Virginia, Professor Jerrold Floro and Professor Ji Ma, Additive Manufacturing of Thermally Stable Freeform Optical Reflectors Through Engineered Composites

WBG Semiconductors

Kyoto University, Professor Tsunenobu Kimoto, Fundamental Study on Carrier Transport in n- and p-Channel SiC MOSFETs

Montana State University, Professor Brian D’Urso, Improving Gravitational Measurements using Silicon Vacancy Defects in Levitated 4H-SiC Particles

Ohio State University, Professor Anant Agarwal, Reliable SiC Power MOSFET Design Methodology

University of Buffalo, Professor Uttam Singisetti, Next Generation Ultrawide-Bandgap Electronics

University of California, Santa Barbara, Professor Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Gallium Oxide High Growth Rate Epitaxial Materials and Vertical Power Devices

University of Pittsburgh, Professor Robert Devaty, University of Pittsburgh Research Support for the Montana State University Program on Improving Gravitational Measurements using Silicon Vacancy Defects in Levitated 4H-SiC Particles

Solid State Battery

University of Chicago, Professor Shirley Meng, Enabling High-Energy-Density All-Solid-State Batteries via Sulfur-Based Solid Electrolytes

University of Michigan, Professor Neil Dasgupta, In Situ/Operando Analysis of Metal Anode/Solid Electrolyte Interfaces