Engineering Nano-Scale Structures for Advanced Battery, Electronic and Optical Applications

A Mini-Conference Sponsored by The Coherent/II-VI Foundation

Hosted Virtually by The University of Michigan

May 10, 2024

8:45 am        Welcome and Introduction: Rick Purnell, Executive Director Coherent / II-VI Foundation

8:50 am        Opening Remarks:  Rear Admiral Marc Pelaez, US Navy Retired,

Chairman Coherent / II-VI Foundation

Additive Manufacturing Session (Moderated by Alan Hedges)

9:00 am        Additive Manufacturing of Thermally Stable Freeform Optical Reflectors Through Engineered Composites, University of Virginia, Jerrold Floro and Ji Ma, Co-PIs           

Presenters: Haobo Wang and Prosenjit Biswas

9:35 am        Questions and Discussion

10:00 am      Personal Break

10:05 am      Controlling Stress and Defects in Optical Surfaces by Hybrid Additive Manufacturing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Kyle Saleeby, PI                

Presenter: ???

10:40 am      Questions and Discussion

11:05 am      Personal Break

11:15 am      Student Interaction Discussion / Lunch (Moderated by Al Burk & Alan Hedges)        

Taxonomy of Metasurfaces (Moderated by Alan Hedges)

12:15 pm      Fundamental Principles and Taxonomy of Metasurfaces, University of Rochester, Jannick Rolland and Nick Vamivakas, Co-PIs

Presenter: Ao Sun

12:50 pm      Questions and Discussion

1:15 pm       Personal Break

Advanced Battery Development (Moderated by John Spitznagel)

1:20 pm       Enabling High-Energy-Density All-Solid-State Batteries via Sulfur-Based Solid Electrolytes, University of Chicago, Shirley Meng, PI

                    Presenters: Hedi Yang and Jaehee Park

1:55 pm       Questions and Discussion

2:20 pm       Personal Break     

2:25 pm       In Situ/Operando Analysis of Metal Anode/Solid Electrolyte Interfaces, University of Michigan, Neil Dasgupta, PI

                    Presenters: Davy Zeng, Alexis Luglio, and Daniel Liao           

3:00 pm       Questions and Discussion

3:25 pm       Concluding Remarks: Alan Hedges, Rear Admiral Marc Pelaez

3:35 pm       Close of the Mini-Conference – Thank you for participating

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