In Appreciation of Dr. Richard H. Hopkins Exemplary Continued Service to the Foundation

After serving 16 years as Manager of the Block Gift Program Dr. Dick Hopkins will transition the role to Dr. Alan Hedges starting January of 2024. When Carl Johnson started the Foundation’s Block-Gift Program in 2008, he called on Dick to lead and develop the program. Dick worked with Carl to put in place a structure that could be used to identify and fund professors to participate in the Block Gift Program that remains unchanged as of today. Dick has had great success in formulating topics that generally emphasize research involving material synthesis, crystal growth and processing, and novel device studies including design, fabrication, and characterization. Dick created a Tech Team and led them to identify professors that not only are leaders in their specific field of research but also are excellent teachers and mentors for their students. Those relationships that Dick and the Tech Team built with the supported professors and students remain strong today. Dick will continue as Associate Block-Gift Manager in order to insure a successful transition. We thank Dick for his role in creating the foundation of the Block Gift Program and congratulate Alan in his new role.