June 2022 – Forming Novel Material Structures By Additive Manufacturing Processes

The June 2022 UVA conference titled, Forming Novel Material Structures By Additive Manufacturing Processes, included student led presentations describing the progress status in these research topics:

  • Mississippi State University, PI Professor Haley Doude – Towards the Prediction and Reduction of Residual Stresses in Additively Manufactured Ti-6A1-4V
  • University of Virginia, PI Professor Jerrold Floro – Additive Manufacturing of Thermally Stable Freeform Optical Reflectors through Engineered Composites
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, PI Professor Christopher Saldaña – Controlling Stress and Defects in Optical Surfaces by Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
  • University of Chicago, PI Professor Y. Shirley Meng – Enabling High Loading Silicon Anodes via Sulfur based Solid Electrolytes

Click the link below to watch the video recording from the University of Virginia mini-conference.

UVA June 2022 Mini-conference

The student presentations from the UVA conference follow.

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