Past Foundation Mini-Conferences

DateConference Title
01/28/2010Conference on Silicon Carbide
02/05/2010Conference on YAG Material Defects and Characterization
01/28/2011The Development and Processing of High Temperature Materials for Advanced Devices and Components
11/02/2011Fabrication, Characterization and Metrology of Optical Surfaces
02/01/2012Design, Processing and Materials for Temperature Tolerant Electronics
11/09/2012Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Tech Materials for Optical and Electronic Applications
02/12/2013Advanced Devices and Packaging for Harsh Environment Operation
10/30/2013Optical Modeling, Metrology and Fabrication at Multi-Scale Ranges
01/30/2014Creating the Next Generation SiC Power MOSFETs
10/29/2014Engineering Unique Materials by Advanced Microstructural Processing
11/05/2015Exploring the Art and Science of Crystal Growth for Advanced Electronic Materials
02/10/2016Fabricating and Applying SiC Power MOSFETs with Greater Mobility and 
10/25/2017Making and Measuring Advanced Freeform Optics
10/26/2018Material Solutions: Key to Advanced Device and Component Applications
11/13/2019Engineering Materials Chemistry and Structures for Advanced Optical and Electronic Application
10/28/2020Emerging Technologies for Photonics and Advanced Communications. Video Conference
05/13/2021Materials, Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Wide Bandgap Power Devices – Virtual Conference
10/19/2021Engineering Advances Device Structures for Photonic Applications. Virtual 
06/21/2022Forming Novel Material Structures by Additive Manufacturing Processes 
Virtual Conference
10/12/2022Advancements in Quantum Photonics and Electronic Structures for 
Communication, Computation, and Sensing Systems
05/12/2023Next Generation Materials for Ultra Performance Microwave and Power Switching Applications. Virtual Conference
11/03/2023Advancements in Optoelectronics for Sensing, Computing, and Communications. Virtual Conference